February 2020 Update

We know – it is nearly March and this is the February update!

Keeping it brief…

Work on the “secret” Vocal Big Band album project is progressing nicely – charts are nearly finished and we’ll soon be having a run through with the singer and band (don’t forget that this is a Badger project, but won’t be released under the Badger name – The Badgers won’t be reassembling until after this project is in the bag!)

We’re starting to flesh out the Gig Guide – please let us know if you want your gig considered for inclusion by contacting us through messenger through this link.

The first of our album reviews (Pat Metheny’s brand new album “From This Place”) is up for your pleasure and ridicule here!

And that’s about it – Mr Badger is now off to print out some more charts for the delight of unsuspecting local rehearsal bands.

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