Album Reviews

The beauty of music (and other art forms) is that people have different tastes which actually change as time passes. All sorts of things influence taste, and nobody’s individual taste can be questioned – they either enjoy listening to something or they don’t. Similarly, no artist should be criticised for their work that they produce.

So why do people read and write reviews of recordings?

At Badger HQ, we think that record reviews should be an attempt to inform the reader about different albums in the hope that they will find the reviews interesting and informative.

With that in mind, we have decided to start writing some reviews of albums both old and new. 

The intention of these reviews is to give our personal feelings on the music – sometimes on first hearing straight out of the cd wrapper, sometimes after a few listenings when we have become more familiar with the tracks, and sometimes a long-term review after years and multiple listenings.

Never forget that whether you like a piece of music is down to personal taste, and our comments are our own – doubtless some will agree and some will disagree – if you have different feelings when listening to the music, congratulate yourself on having independent thought and tastes!

We hope you will find these reviews interesting – and they may lead you into exploring some new music.

Our first two reviews are (both “first time listens” up:

“From This Place” – Pat Metheny, February 2020

“Street Dreams” – Lyle Mays, 1988