Gig Guide

The Badgers are keen to promote live music in the Brighton area, not just their own gigs!

If you have an event that you would like included in our listings, please let us know through our “Badger Us” page.

However, as this is our website, our gigs will be listed on this page as well as the monthly listings along with the other bands’ gigs – fair’s fair after all 🙂

The Badgers are currently in temporary hibernation for the winter whilst Mr Badger is working on a whole lot of new charts. We’ll let you know of developments as soon as he gets his head out of Finale!

The Events calendar is HERE

Please confirm details with the promoter/artist – The Badgers do their best to get it right, but slips do happen! If you want your gig listed here, or want any of the details below amended, please contact us

The Last Gig the original Badgers performed in the Midlands

The Badgers Strangers In Town Gig Poster 150725 small

More gigs from:

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