Plans for 2020

A long overdue update!!

Following a sojourn in Brighton, Mr & Mrs Badger are back in Warwick settling into the new Badger HQ. The Badger library has been tidied up and neatly filed on bespoke shelving, and Mr Badger is busy adding new titles every week.

As for 2020 projects, the first on the list is preparing the music for a forthcoming album with a fabulous singer. This will be a collaborative project with top rate musicians and so will not be branded under the Badger name, but the quality and passion associated with The Badgers will be very much in evidence. More on this project as and when Mr Badger is able to release details.

After the dust and ink has settled after the donkey work for the vocal album has been finished, Mr Badger is intending to push forward with re-establishing the band – it won’t be a replica of the original band and music, but a 2020 version with some fresh personnel and plenty of new music that will keep things interesting 🙂

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